Shamrock 5K

Well, after my last 5K a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to another one quickly.  I’ve probably over trained the past couple weeks since then and this past week I took it much easier after grinding out around 30 miles of running in an 8 or 9 day span.  I had a great 6 mile run with a friend last Sunday but ever since my legs have been feeling it.  I did a 2 miler on Tuesday and my right shin really hurt.  Damn those shin splints.  So in the interest of not aggravating that I only did cross training after that.  I really just have to do that more.  It would help if I didn’t keep dropping my training.  I may also look into some better padded shoes.

That said…I have a race tomorrow.  Dunno how many more 5Ks I’ll do…they’re all very crowded.  And to do well you have to just go all out.  They can and should be pretty painful.  I actually feel like I have time to enjoy myself on the longer runs (I know, that’s a little crazy…)  I want to PR (personal record) tomorrow.  Which shouldn’t be hard since my 5K PR time is currently 29:58.  My goal is 27:54 which would be a 9 minute mile.  I feel like this is doable since my best race in the past 2+ years was a 4 miler that I did about an 8:30 min/mile on.  And during my 2 mile run on Tuesday I was doing around an 8:30 pace when I stopped for the pain.

We’ll see how it goes…this race is right down the street for a change.

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