I Don’t Make Resolutions…

But I will set some goals for 2013!  Are they the same thing?  I dunno, maybe.  I guess I’ve always felt like resolutions are “I’m going to change my whole life starting on Jan 1!” and then noone ever does.  Or most people don’t.  But anyway, here are a few goals I have for 2013:

1) Run 1500 miles.  I don’t know how, but I never seem to have a ton of mileage by the end of the year.  This year I have about 300 miles.  300!  That’s pathetic.  I have 129 miles just this month.  Last year was my best year and I had about 500 miles.  How can I reach this goal?  Easy…stay healthy.  I’ve struggled over the past few years to stay healthy for a whole year of running.  Running injuries sometimes.  Sometimes I get a cold that I let get me out of the whole rhythm for far longer than I’m sick which is what happened this year.  Its not an impossible goal, especially if I stick to my excellent mileage I’ve built up.

2) Run a race a month.  I had a similar goal in 2011 but I came up with the goal at the end of January.  Which means I missed January.  And then I gave up the 2nd half of the year because it was hard to find races to run which got me back out of shape for my Disney Wine & Dine race.

3) Do some Triathlons.  I think in the summer it may be easier to find some sprint Tris than a straight running race. I have no set number of these to do.  Depends on how much I like them.

4) Log 24 dives.  I had a blast doing that this year.  I need to do it again.

5) Finish my book.  I’m so close.  I need to finish it.

That should do it!  Be interesting to see if I keep to it.  Oh, and another goal…keep this journal up to date 8)

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