Goals for 2023

I never really make “resolutions” but I do always think it’s good to have goals for the year. Melanie asked me what my goals were on New Year’s Eve and I had to pause because I hadn’t put much thought into it. But it’s good to have them! So here are a few for the year:


I always like setting some Time & Distance goals in Garmin

In addition to those goals, I also plan to get back to some general strength training. I’d like to do an hour per week which seems very reasonable. I used to go to the gym 2 – 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time and I really enjoyed it. We just got a new treadmill with an iFit subscription and it has lots of home workout classes I can do.

I also want to keep my maintenance weight between 165 – 170. I’m a little over that right now and I just need to be smarter about what I eat/drink during the day.


I didn’t have a bad year last year but it wasn’t a great year either. I have some major races coming up and I have some achievable and stretch goals:

  • Set a Marathon PR (Sub-4:13)
  • Run a sub 4:00 Marathon
  • PR an Olympic triathlon (low bar here)
  • Complete a sub 2:50 Olympic triathlon
  • 5K PR (Sub 23:52)
  • Sub 6:00 70.3 triathlon

I think the hardest ones are going to be a sub-4:00 marathon and a sub-6:00 half-iron. Those are both


I did a really bad job in 2022 of sticking to GTD. I am always way more productive at both work and at home when I’m adhering to it. Part of the problem was the tooling wasn’t working anymore. But since switching to ToDoist I’ve noticed some marked improvement. My goal here is get back in the routine of doing daily, weekly, and monthly reviews.

Writing and Blogging

I really want to be more consistent with this blog. I think I have been pretty good for a couple months now. I’ve realized I don’t need to blog a ton but I enjoy doing it at least once or twice a month. It’s a good way to get some thoughts out.

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