2014 In Review

Maybe a bit overdue but its less than a week after New Year! So what went down in 2014? It was really the year of falling records and big accomplishments.¬†Nothing was bigger, of course, than finishing Ironman Florida. You can go read the whole race report but it was just an awesome experience. I’ll scratch that itch again in a couple more years.

But I can’t forget the other big races I did!

  • 70.3 Augusta & the Intimidator 70.3. Both of these were huge races that got me in the right mindset for Florida and Augusta remains the best race experience I’ve ever had, start to finish.
  • PR on the half marathon and went under 2 hours twice. I love the half marathon distance so I’m looking forward to improving there.
  • Did a crazy half marathon in the mountains of Oahu, HI. I managed to slip, slide, jog, run, walk and gasp my way to a finish there. At times it felt harder than IMFL.

But 2014 was mostly the Year of Ironman and a lot of friendships were forged out on the trails of the Tampa area.¬†Only goal I didn’t reach was 1300 miles running but I purposefully sacrificed my running a bit to improve on the bike last year. So I have nothing to complain about!

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