Snowed In

This year is going to be interesting as I train for Ironman and races in general.  I’ve always managed to fit my training in on the road but I have much more rigorous races planned for 2014 than ever before.  I don’t think on the running side that I have anything less than a half marathon planned and I have, in addition to Ironman Florida, two other big races that are half Iron distance – Augusta 70.3 and The Intimidator (doesn’t that sound fun!)

Anyway this week has brought me to Delaware and just in time for a massive snow storm!  I have cold weather gear with me but I just don’t think that it will be enough to keep me warm in single digit weather.  Also, because the roads are pretty treachorous, that has changed my plans to potentially drive into Philly and hit the LA Fitness for swimming.  Being stuck inside means I have to resort to the treadmill which I loathe but have no choice but to use.  So my plan for the week ends up being:

Monday – off
Tuesday – 6 miles
Wednesday – Upper Body & 9 miles
Thursday – Abs/Core

Nice and cozy in here
Nice and cozy in here

Nothing too crazy.  My original plan was a swim on Monday & Wednesday but I’ll have to make do with the gym workouts.

Funny note from the hotel gym.  Last night on the treadmill there was a girl next to me walking and reading.  Walking is fine – its a legitimate form of exercise.  But I could tell she was walking VERY slow.  Stroll would be exagerating her movement.  Finally, she turned it up after neary 30 minutes and did a light jog for about 5 minutes.  Then she left and I glanced over at the treadmill which showed she’d been on it for 30 minutes and traveled 1.2 miles.  That’s including the time spent jogging.

Thats an average pace of 25:00 minutes per mile.  If we take out the 5 minutes of running I can’t even imagine how slow she was walking along.  Maybe the treadmill wasn’t even on. 8)

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