Return of the Dreadmill

So its been about a week and a half now since Space Coast. At this point, the marathon feels like it was a million years ago. Post race last week I too it pretty easy. My total mileage was around 12 miles (not counting the race) and I went as easy as I felt I needed to. I’m still in recovery mode but mostly implementing a reverse taper from the race. This week I’m planning for about 21 miles and next week I’ll be fully back into it.

Unfortunately, the start of this week required me to meet my nemesis, the treadmill. Or as I prefer to call it, the dreadmill. I absolutely loathe running on the machine. I can’t hear the TV over the sound of the motor so its very difficult to keep myself entertained. But I do it anyway. I’m in Richmond yesterday and today and there simply is no way I was running outside.

The weather here was atrocious. Cold and raining. Cold enough that ice would have been a concern. I actually didn’t think about the ice risk until Melanie mentioned it last night as I considered buying running gloves. She definitely saved me from the mistake of running outside today and getting rained on most of the time. So between yesterday and today I’ve done 10 miles on the dreadmill. Nothing much more dreary than running on a treadmill in a room only marginally bigger than the machine itself, surrounded by mirrors.

But I’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll get a few runs at home before I’m off again!

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