Weekend of Training

I have a lot of weekends of training but this past one may take the cake as far as volume goes. I often have to do a couple workouts in a day to get everything in that I want. This weekend we had big plans. Saturday was going to be a ‘mock’ tri day at Fort Desoto where we did a swim/bike/run workout and then we’d follow that on Sunday with an early morning bike ride and brick. The weather didn’t really agree with our plans though and a huge front swept through Florida on Friday and Saturday. So to the gym!

Teresa and her 4 husbands for the day...
Teresa and her 4 husbands for the day…

I ended up getting a great swim in. I haven’t done many hour long swims so I took the opportunity to just get a solid swim in which I then followed up with a run. The weather had cleared by that point and it was somewhat cool so I even was able to run outside rather than on the treadmill as I’d expected. The next day, the Koolaid gang got together and we did our bike/brick. And then, because all of that wasn’t enough, Melanie and I went back one more time to Flatwoods to get another bike ride in on Sunday evening.

For those not keeping score at home, that was 1 swim, two bike rides and two runs in two days. Ironman here I come!

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