I Must Be Crazy

So I ran a marathon a few weeks ago. Eh, whatever…that’s old news! Time for the next event. This has been by far the best start to a year of running I’ve ever had. I ran about 56 miles in January which is below my goal for the year but I needed the time to recover from my race and the cold I got afterwards. I’m back on the road though so all is well there.

I have several races planned for the next few months, starting with a half marathon on the 23rd of February.  I have a few different options for races in March and haven’t really decided yet. The same goes for April.  Once I get past April into May, that’s when I’m going to really start considering doing a triathlon.  At this point, I could do a Sprint distance any time.  I would be slow but I’d finish.  Given that, I think I’d prefer to do a full Olympic distance.   I might make the summer my tri season and the spring and fall my road season.

The only other thing that’s been on my list to do for a while is a Century ride.  When I was a kid I did a metric century.  This means 100 miles on a bike.  A metric century is 100 kilometers which isn’t quite as long but still 66 miles.  I want to do a full century though and there’s one in October up in Gainesville that’s always been on my list.

So a little crazy maybe!  On the bright side, I’ve combined this with a really healthy diet the past 3 months and really got back to the weight I wanted to be.  At the start of 2012 I was in the mid 170s which was quite fine.  Then a year’s worth of laziness and poor eating choices put 20lbs on by the time of my cruise.  Since then I’ve gotten down to 168 which is about what I weighed at the Air Force Academy.  I’m going to get down to 165 I think and if I put on weight, I’ll want it to be lean muscle but not too much of that either.  Pretty happy to be back at the weight I was at when I was super fit at the academy!

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