Yoga Time!

I have not done yoga in a few years. I do always enjoy it but it was always tough to fit in even before kids. Now with kids, it’s not always easy to find time to fit in yoga on top of my triathlon focused training and gym time. But gyms are closed and swimming is off the table for now. Melanie is really into yoga and started doing the Nike Training Club yoga in the mornings before anyone is up. She invited me to come along today so I got up early with her to do it.

It was fun! I really need to focus more on core and strength than I do and yoga is a great way to do that. It also builds flexibility which I have absolutely none of. We started off with a fairly short, 23 minute yoga flow session that they offer. I was impressed by some of the poses I was able to maintain but by the end I was tired enough that even holding a plank was a challenge. Hopefully I’ll see some gains out of this by the end of our confinement and knowing that they have free programs, this is something I’ll definitely be able to take on the road with me.

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