Running into June

It’s been a good start to June so far this week.  When summer hit the first thing that happened was my runs got both shorter and slower.  I was a little worried that the heat was going to really impact my running like it has in previous years.  But this is the best shape I’ve been in since I started running and seems I’m acclimating to the heat pretty well.  I really struggled with my runs since I got back from Europe.  Even though I did several 6 – 8 mile runs while I was there, as soon as I got back I really struggled.

I had been doing really well on my pace, getting all of my runs under a 10 minute per mile pace.  Since I got back a couple weeks ago, through last Friday, I just couldn’t keep a pace under 10 min/mi.  Last Friday that started to change but it wasn’t until yesterday that I really felt good.  I managed to go 6 miles at a 9:53 pace.  Not significantly under a 10:00 pace but it felt good.  I usually can judge how a run went on if I manage a reverse split which I did here.


I’m always happy to see a really consistent split as well and this was fairly good for me.  Most laps within about 10 seconds of each other.  Tonight’s run was even better.  I was going to go 6 miles tonight but I decided when I started that I wanted to see if I could push myself a little harder on a shorter run so I went 4 miles tonight.  I didn’t really have consistent splits since I was going for a continually faster pace.  I think I did a good job there!


It’s been a while since I had a run where each split was faster than the last.  I’m glad I wasn’t going more than 4 miles though since I was running out of gas at the end there.  I might be acclimating to the heat…but its still hot out!


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