Week in Recap

Well, I’ve been overall very happy with my consistency this year. With May just ending I’m at 278 miles. This is good and bad. I wanted to be closer to around 400 by now but I’m still on pace for a great year and my best totals ever.   My ski injury was the biggest obstacle I’ve had and that was several weeks of training interrupted.

Just the past week has been really good for me. I had eight straight days of training, with six runs (28 miles), three swims, and two rides.

The runs have gotten quite difficult with summer here. I have done a couple runs in the mid 80s and it really hasn’t been pleasant. Unlike previous years though I’m still able to run long distances if slower than I’d like. I should be very ready for my next triathlon in mid July.

I also may have found a training group in Tampa. I was at the running shop and the trainer invited me to join her group. I rarely have training partners so this could be nice.

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