Off-season is here

Off-season? What off-season? I think a lot of us are not always that great about managing our seasons, especially in the south where it’s easy to train hard year round. In years past, I’ve definitely given myself a break after my race season ends but it’s usually been pretty short and there have never been any goals other than to let my body rest for a couple weeks before getting right back to it. Two weeks really isn’t an off-season.

This year is a little different and I want to take advantage of that. Since we have baby #2 on the way, I’m doing no more races for a few months. There’s been a few things I’ve wanted to take care of that due to the demands of training, I haven’t felt I’ve had the time to takle:

  1. Get a bike fit
  2. Really try and get my PowerPod configured
  3. Refocus on strength training

Those are some really easy things that I can tackle over the next 4 months. There’s one more thing that I really, REALLY need to fix. And it’s my swim. I’ll post a race report for Steelhead soon but over the past year I have only seen myself going backwards in the water and I need to change that. So next Monday I’ll be joining a Masters swim class.

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