Neighborhood Fan Club

I need to start charging people to join my fan club. I do a lot of my running in my development since its a 1/2 mile loop. When its late at night I don’t want to run outside the neighborhood because its poorly lit and there’s a mile long stretch that just goes through an unpopulated area. So a few people I guess have noticed my new routine and tonight I had one group of people who always hang out at this house down the street giving me splits every time I came by. One woman tried to run with me for a moment…I think she may have been drunk. Either way it was funny. Then some guy a few houses down decided to run with me and get me to run faster. I think he thought he was funny…but I was too tired at that point (already was a couple miles into the run) to humor him for more than a moment. I’ll have to look into my endorsement opportunities since I’m becoming a household name!

My average mile time is dropping pretty fast. I’m down to 9:19 per mile in a 30 minute run. The first mile I went pretty hard and got it down to around an 8 minute pace. I think if I just went all out for a mile I could probably do 7 minutes…but since I plan to run more than a mile I don’t really feel like doing that. I should one day just to see.

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