Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Report

So about a month ago I started running. I blame my friend Carolyn for causing my motivation into this endeavour. Anyone who knows me knows that running has always been my kryptonite. It definitely was a factor in my departure from USAFA. I was always in better shape when I was running though…as much as I hated it. I really don’t have time for much of the exercise I really like, such as road biking. I just don’t have the time to put in the 2 or more hours during the week I’d need to bike. 30 – 60 minutes to run? Cake.

Of course my problem last time I tried to run was that I went way too hard and too far at the beginning. I didn’t work myself up to it. So I got discouraged and quit (this was right after I moved to Tampa). Then last month I was at a hockey game with Carolyn and we were talking about running for some reason and she suggested I try to go easy at first. Like 10 minutes at most.

So the next Monday I was sitting around after work and thought…this is boring. And I went running! For 10 minutes. Now I can run 30 minutes without a problem if I’m doing an easy pace. (I can do 30 minutes at a hard pace for me but I’ll definitely be spent!)

And after I started running I decided I wanted to have something to run for. So this past weekend I ran the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K. I wasn’t fast…my time was 29:58 (9:39 per mile) and I finished 2521 out of 7634 total finishers. Now I have to find another race to run!

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