Working on Hydration

This is probably going to be my biggest off season project summer project. Between fixing my swimming and trying to improve my hot weather performance, this is where I can realize the biggest gains in performance. I believe that my inability to properly hydrate during races is costing me around 30 – 40 minutes when the heat soars. I don’t expect to run a 1:50 half marathon when the heat is 80+° F but I also should be doing better than 2:30 – 2:40.

Off-season is here

Off-season? What off-season? I think a lot of us are not always that great about managing our seasons, especially in the south where it’s easy to train hard year round. In years past, I’ve definitely given myself a break after my race season ends but it’s usually been pretty short and there have never been any goals other than to …

Dangers of Sales (and Friends)

Everyone loves a good deal. I’m also easily influenced by my training partners to sign up for races. Combine these two things together and…well, you end up with two marathons in a 2 month period. Previously my two closest marathons date-wise were 11 months apart. That’s basically two different race seasons! I don’t really like doing marathons too close together …