Time for a new watch

I was pretty intrigued by the latest Garmin watches and was planning to buy one to replace my aging Fenix 3 one day. Key phrase there – one day. My Fenix 3 was doing just fine and given I had just hit the end of my race season so I was in no rush to even consider a new watch. I’m just coming up on 3 years with the Fenix 3 and was hoping to get one more full race season out of it. The Fenix 3 had other plans. When I got to Navarre Beach last weekend, I powered it on for the first time since Steelhead (which had been only a few days previous) and was greeted by a flickering mess.

Not in a Rush

I have a lot of toys that are for all of my various sports.  All of them serve, ultimately, one purpose.  Help me get over the finish line faster and more efficiently.  (One might say based on my finishing times that maybe my money is better spent elsewhere but at least I’m fairly cost conscious with my purchases!)  I own …