Month: January 2016

#MiamiFamous Again: Miami Marathon 2016 Race Report

The Miami Marathon has definitely become Melanie and my ‘race to do’ every year since we did it last year.  We signed up for this year’s race just 2 days after doing it last year and it didn’t disappoint this year again.  I expect when we get the 50% off sale tomorrow we’ll sign up for 2017’s race.  There were some changes to the race that actually took it down a notch in some ways for us.  I think the expo was disappointing compared to last year not in size or quality but just in location.  Due to Miami Beach Convention Center renovations, the expo was moved to Wynwood which is a really strange area of Miami (and really in the middle of some really bad areas).  At the MBCC, we could walk from there to Lincoln Road and check out all the high end shops.  I expect it will be back to that next year.  They also changed the course slightly so they could shut down only one causeway vs two.  And for the second year in a row, we lucked out with a major cold front coming through Miami bringing temperatures that allowed for great race performances.  Last year was the 2nd coldest at the time and this year was the absolute coldest.  So in our two years of racing, we’ve done the 1st and 3rd coldest races.  Our luck on that is going to run out eventually but we’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

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