Miami Marathon 2015 Race Report

Miami Marathon 2015 Race Report

If there’s one thing I enjoy more than races, its traveling somewhere for a race. Supporting a local race is important and there are a few that I really enjoy but when you travel for a race there’s a whole new layer of you add on top of the event. The downsides are you have to spend more money and your hotel may not be as comfortable as home. You also have to pay close attention to your packing list or you could forget something important. The upsides are you get to go somewhere for a mini-vacation, try new restaurants, run in new locations and just an overall sense of you’ve gone to “An Event”. That’s how Miami felt for the Miami Marathon this past weekend. Now, I was born in Miami but I haven’t spent much time down there in over 15 years so it may as well be a different country to me (actually it does feel that way…)

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Race Prep – Marathon Time!

Has it really been two months since IMFL already?  I’m already on my 2nd race since then! I keep my race schedule busy since I know I would slack off if I didn’t have some sort of goal to hit and spending money really forces me to focus. 8)  And I love the crowd on race day. This isn’t my first rodeo (or marathon for that matter) and I like taking each race as an opportunity to continually tweak and improve my performance through training and preparation.  So how did that go for this race?

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Fenix 2 Training Tip – Swim Drills

I’ve been using the Fenix 2 since April of 2014 and it has been an invaluable training partner for me. The Fenix 2 is a pretty advanced training tool and having come from much simpler training computers (running is just not as complicated as triathlon) it took me quite a while to really appreciate all the different capabilities the Fenix 2 provided me. With that in mind, I plan to do a series detailing each of the different capabilities and how to use them.

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Garmin Vivofit – An Athlete’s Take

Garmin Vivofit – An Athlete’s Take

As a runner, triathlete, and gadget geek I have gone back and forth on activity trackers over the years. As a triathlete/runner I just didn’t see any use for one. I used to own a Fitbit One but eventually it vanished, as any tiny device that lives daily in my pocket is destined to. I liked seeing my steps and I think when I wasn’t as serious or consistent with my training it was a good tool to keep me moving.

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