Month: October 2014

Ready for Ironman

This past weekend was my final ‘big’ training weekend for Ironman Florida.  I’ve at times both dreaded and looked forward to the day because I knew that it would be a tough test.  Not as hard as race day itself but at least Ironman will be a single day.  This was, essential, 3 fairly grueling days.  But I’ve conquered the training and I feel more confident than ever about the race and how I’ll done in less than 3 weeks.  Wow, its that close! I’m definitely ready though:

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Ironman Augusta 70.3 Race Report

This past weekend was one of the two A+ races I had on my calendar this fall.  Its crazy to think about this but I haven’t had a race I really cared about like this since February. The big one, still to come, is of course Ironman Florida but Ironman Augusta 70.3 has long been in my sights.  Last summer when I first heard about this race, I decided then that I had to do this half-Ironman race. I’ve had my heart set on this race for over a year and I can happily say that it did not dissapoint in any way.

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