Month: May 2014

Not in a Rush

I have a lot of toys that are for all of my various sports.  All of them serve, ultimately, one purpose.  Help me get over the finish line faster and more efficiently.  (One might say based on my finishing times that maybe my money is better spent elsewhere but at least I’m fairly cost conscious with my purchases!)  I own three bikes.  I have my road bike which serves mostly to live in my trainer and for group rides, my tri bike that I usually ride, and then a third bike that I picked up off craigslist – a 1977 Raleigh Sprite 27.  The reason I originally purchased it was because Melanie and I wanted to ride to restaurants and shops locally and my road bike with clipless pedals isn’t well suited to that.  So I thought I had two options. Either buy a cheapie bike from Target or step up to a nice commuter from a company like Trek or Giant.  As much as I’m a fan of having a quality bicycle, I couldn’t justify the $500+ I’d have to spend on a bike that I knew I would ride for extremely short trips.  So I thought I’d check craigslist and see if I could get something decent and used.

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Weekend of Training

I have a lot of weekends of training but this past one may take the cake as far as volume goes. I often have to do a couple workouts in a day to get everything in that I want. This weekend we had big plans. Saturday was going to be a ‘mock’ tri day at Fort Desoto where we did a swim/bike/run workout and then we’d follow that on Sunday with an early morning bike ride and brick. The weather didn’t really agree with our plans though and a huge front swept through Florida on Friday and Saturday. So to the gym!

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