Month: January 2014

Clearwater Running & Fitness Festival Race Report

One of my favorite places to run is Clearwater Beach by Pier 60 for a variety of reasons.  Its beautiful there.  We have a nice 13 mile loop that we run frequently.  It lets us do an open water swim right after we run which is a great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  And then there’s the part that people probably don’t usually like other than us crazy people – the bridges.  There are some truely massive bridges on the route as well as some gently rolling terrain on the back half of our 13 mile loop.  Running that route has seriously strenghtened my running.  Because I love the area so much, I’ve done 2 of my last 3 races there.  This past weekend was the Clearwater Running & Fitness festival.  I signed up for the half marathon (which they call a Halfathon) and as my parents were in town, I got my mom to sign up for the 5k fitness walk.  My friends were all doing anything from the half to the full.

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Snowed In

This year is going to be interesting as I train for Ironman and races in general.  I’ve always managed to fit my training in on the road but I have much more rigorous races planned for 2014 than ever before.  I don’t think on the running side that I have anything less than a half marathon planned and I have, in addition to Ironman Florida, two other big races that are half Iron distance – Augusta 70.3 and The Intimidator (doesn’t that sound fun!)

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2013 – Year in Review

This is a few weeks later than I intended as I’ve been a bit busy.  But here’s my 2013 review! 8)

Well its been quite a year!  When I look back at where I started this year and where I finished, its been quite a journey of running (and swimming and cycling).  I started off back in January with running a marathon on my birthday at Disney World.  I had signed up for the race far in advance with plenty of time to train for it.  But in 2012 I did a very poor job of consistently running and it was only 10 weeks before that race before I really kicked it into gear.  I got through Disney but it wasn’t as enjoyable as it should have been.

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