Month: December 2013

Return of the Dreadmill

So its been about a week and a half now since Space Coast. At this point, the marathon feels like it was a million years ago. Post race last week I too it pretty easy. My total mileage was around 12 miles (not counting the race) and I went as easy as I felt I needed to. I’m still in recovery mode but mostly implementing a reverse taper from the race. This week I’m planning for about 21 miles and next week I’ll be fully back into it.

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Back in the Groove

Well, it took me a few days but I’m pretty much fully recovered from Space Coast now. Monday was pretty rough and I had taken the entire day to rest. There was not going to be even an attempt at physical activity since just walking and climbing stairs was difficult. I live in a very runner unfriendly house since its three floors. Tuesday wasn’t much better but I wanted to do something to stretch my legs so I went for a very easy run. My plan was to do whatever felt good. I figured around 2 miles. Well, I managed 1.5 and walking was involved with even that. That ended up being pretty helpful I think though since I didn’t push myself to do anything stupid but I got my legs stretched out.

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Space Coast Marathon 2013 Race Report

So this was it, the race that I’ve been waiting and training for nearly half of the year. It all started back in July with an urgent email telling me that the race was about to sell out. I had just joined the group of people I train with now and didn’t know if I wanted to sign up for another full marathon yet. I had done Disney in January and while I wanted to better my time from that race I just didn’t know if I wanted another less than a year later. Everyone else seemed to be doing it though so I figured, what the heck, I might as well. (This trend of signing up for anything they suggested has continued btw. Its caused me to do 2 triathlons in a single day, sign up for Ironman Florida, and probably in February do 2 half marathons in a weekend. I apparently can’t resist peer pressure for racing…)

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