Taper Plan

So I don’t really do running plans that much.  I mean, I have my own plan in my head of what I’m going to do.  Weekend long run.  A recovery run.  A middle distance run.  Speed work (tempo runs, intervals).  But I don’t follow the big plans since they don’t really fit my schedule and honestly without being remotely competitive in my age group, I don’t think it will matter.  But I do want to taper correctly and while I had a basic taper in place for my last marathon, I wanted to see if I could find anything better.

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Running the Rio Grande

Running the Rio Grande

So this weekend was the wedding of one of my college buds, Justin, out in El Paso, Texas. Its been a long time since I’ve been in this part of the country but when I realized that the desert is cold in the morning I knew I had to make this my first 20 mile weekend in preparation for the Space Coast Marathon I have coming up. Florida has not really cooperated yet in cooling down so since I had until 2pm for the wedding, there was plenty of time to rock out a 20 miler.

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Disney’s Tower of Terror Ten-Miler Race Report

Disney’s Tower of Terror Ten-Miler Race Report

So this past weekend was the Disney Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ten-Miler. It was actually a whole weekend of fun when you combine it with the Orlando outlet malls before the race and then the next day we went to Epcot for the Food & Wine festival. I need to get better at taking pictures while I’m at these things but we have one or two. On to the race report though! I’ll start after we went shopping since I assume that no one wants to read about me buying shoes, shirts and shorts. (I guess I gave you all the info there is to know…)

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Updated Race Schedule

Well, I think my final race schedule is in for the year.  I think.  Right now I only have two races left – the TriRock of Clearwater on Nov 10th and then the Space Coast Marathon on Dec 1st.  I’ve gone back and forth on a couple races and I just am not sure if I want to do a half marathon on Oct 26.  I think I could do it fine and that would fit fairly well into my plan for a light weekend that weekend but I’m still torn on it.  The only other race that was a possibility was a 4 mile race on Thanksgiving morning.  I love doing that race as I’ve done it most of the past 6 years but even with it being short, I don’t want to go out and ‘race’ anything that morning.  I won’t be able to help myself if I go so I’m going to stay home for the 2nd straight year.  Last year I was also prepping for a marathon and it didn’t fit into my training/rest schedule.

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