Month: September 2013

Pretty good month

Overall, I was very happy with how my training went in September, especially in regards to running.  I had a lot of firsts this month!  To start with, I’ve tried to adjust my training schedule to have a lighter week every 3 weeks.  The long run on the weekend really can take a lot out of me and I’ve found that every 3 weeks having a lighter long day really helps overall.  This past Saturday I got in a 17 mile run for my marathon and I could really feel the sluggishness in my legs by the end and I know this week will be a little tougher.  I’ve done 75 miles the past 2 weeks so my legs will appreciate some lighter runs this week.

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Yep, 700 happened!

I have a few more days left in the month of September so I’ll save my September perspective for next week but I had to write something today because I hit 700 miles!  Its pretty crazy that I’m still on track.  I feel mostly great physically and I think getting so close now to my goal of 1,000 miles is only going to drive me even harder until the end of the year.  Its still a bit unbelievable to me that after 6 months this year, I was at 345 miles.  And now, a little less than 3 months later, I’ve already done 355 more miles.  I’ve more than doubled my mileage in a little less than half the time.  I feel like I’ve done it intelligently too.  I’ve build up mileage week by week.  I’ve had a good base from years of running now.  I watch my nutrition and listen to my body pretty well.  So I’ve really done this the right way.  After my 17 mile run Saturday (planned run…been having trouble with hitting the 17 mile mark for a few weeks now for various reasons) I will have 283 miles to run in 3 months.  I can do it!

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600 miles and beyond!

It’s crazy to think that just 3 months ago, I assumed my goal of 1,000 miles was out of reach.  Especially after hurting myself skiing, I basically lost an entire month this year of any training.  Then of course I met my crazy Tri group and it was off to the races.  But it wasn’t until I was getting close to 600 miles this year that I realized that I was suddenly well in striking distance.  The first run of the month took me over that 600 mile mark and I might hit closer to 1100 miles than 1,000!

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