Month: June 2013

Did you make National Running Day?

So I wasn’t really planning to run yesterday during national running day.  It was my off day for running.  I did 45 minutes at the pool and then in the afternoon after work I was planning to do a bike ride.  I figured that was enough.  But then I realized that my new tri singlet was still untested and I really wanted to ride & run in it at least one time before my next race to see how it felt.  On went the singlet, which looks pretty ridiculous I think, and off to Flatwoods I went with bike and running shoes in tow!  The ride itself was actually pretty mediocre.  I don’t know why but I’ve really struggled with the biking since I picked it back up.  Usually I average around 17.5 mph but yesterday I managed 16.7 which is just horrible.  I have been going pretty hard for a few weeks so I probably need an off day here soon (such as today while Tropical Storm Andrea blows through).

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Running into June

It’s been a good start to June so far this week.  When summer hit the first thing that happened was my runs got both shorter and slower.  I was a little worried that the heat was going to really impact my running like it has in previous years.  But this is the best shape I’ve been in since I started running and seems I’m acclimating to the heat pretty well.  I really struggled with my runs since I got back from Europe.  Even though I did several 6 – 8 mile runs while I was there, as soon as I got back I really struggled.

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