Month: April 2013

Running Goals Update

Well, this past month unfortunately wasn’t the month I was hoping for. It started off with such promise and hope! It did, unfortunately however, quickly go downhill. In the week leading up to my ski trip I was really struggling to get any training in – running or otherwise. But no worries! I had down over 25 miles the previous week so one down week leading up to my ski trip seemed ok. And it would have been if I hadn’t managed to go and badly hurt myself while skiing. This is the reason I didn’t really want to do any ski trips leading up to my marathon. I was afraid I’d hurt myself and miss the race. Fortunately for my ski trip the fall came at the end of the last day. I felt a little lame as I left the slopes since it didn’t really hurt much yet but it turned out to be a good choice. By the time I got on the plane that night it hurt a lot. Turns out I (at the minimum) bruised my ribs. Its possible I even fractured them but I never went for x-rays since the treatment is the same – nothing.

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