Month: March 2013

Rough Week for Training

So this has been one of the worst weeks of training in the past 4 months. Not sure why. Saturday I did go for a 33 mile bike ride and I did 4 miles running on Tuesday morning followed by 3 miles Wednesday morning. The plan was to wake up this morning and hit the pool and then get 5 or 6 miles in, which would have left me feeling not great about the week but at least not unhappy. Not sure what happened but definitely wasn’t me waking up on time. I must not have set my alarm or something (I remember setting it…its possible I accidentally turned it back off before I went to bed.) I don’t really know. But since it was 7am when I woke up, my workout time was long gone. I need about 2 hours to work out plus another hour or so to get ready for work. I try and be at the gym no later than 6am but I really try and get there 5:30 – 5:45.

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