Month: February 2013

World’s Worst Marathon Training Plan

So I never really talked about my marathon training ‘plan’ for lack of a better word.  Training disaster?  I’m probably really, really lucky I didn’t injure myself.  Several times I suspected I was close to getting shin splints.  I signed up for Disney almost a year in advance and decided that last year would be a year of almost no races in order to focus on building my base and slowly building my mileage up so that, by October, I’d be in the best running shape of my life.  Wow, how that completely fell apart.  Instead I had the worst year of running in 5 years and by October I was running only every couple weeks.  Very inconsistent.  I had signed up for the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon as well which was in early November.  I thought that would have been a great prep race.  (It would have been)

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Goals: Time to Revise?

So I had a few goals set for 2013.  Not resolutions but still things I wanted to accomplish.  A big one was 1500 miles in the year.  A fairly aggressive goal for me given that 2011, which was my best year of running in my 5 years on the road, was nowhere near that.  I thought it was around 500 but I suspect it was closer to 400 as I look back at old data.  That’s about 33 miles each month.  I suppose not horrible if I’d been doing that consistently each month but really a huge chunk of that mileage came in April – June (176 miles).  A 3 month stretch.  If I’d run like that all year I’d have done at least 700 miles which I would have been really happy with!

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